Thursday, September 29, 2011

Bitten by your own work

I was reading a story today about an activist in New Orleans who was shot in the head while sitting at a stop light.  This activist has thus far recovered and will live but he's lost his vision, I submit that he lost his vision a long time before the bullet entered his head.  It's difficult to keep from opening your eyes and seeing whats going on in the world we live in, each day "activists" are fighting for some progressive cause that they feel is an abomination of our country and the freedoms we enjoy.  Gay rights, rights of illegal immigrants...pick a topic.  What about the rights of each and every citizen of this country?  What happened to our rights?  It's easy to ignore and get caught up in discussing both sides of an argument like illegal immigration, but is illegal immigration in itself the root of the very problems this country faces?  Most of you will be shocked by my answer but I submit that the answer is no, illegal immigration by itself is not a problem. The problem is that our own citizens that feel like the rights of others who are non-citizens should somehow be more sacred than our own, hence Progressive.  Progressive, what a word, it sounds so great and wonderful, however in the terms of our political climate progressive is the very destruction of the fabric of our society.  I challenge each and every person who reads this to find just one progressive idea that has somehow made this country better.  It's a simple assignment, all you have to find is one.  However, thanks to Glenn Beck, I can show you how Progressives have managed to create the 10 most impoverished major metropolitan cities in the United States.  The next time you turn on the TV and start getting upset over some hot-button political issue, some issue where progressives are seeking to destroy some fabric of our society by inserting their beliefs on all of us, is it the topic your angry about or the activist fighting for it thats the real problem?