Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Sometimes you just have to bang your head against the wall...

So I'm getting back on my soap box a little earlier than planned but sometimes something just grabs you and you go WTF.  In Union Township New Jersey a teacher is under fire for espousing what some are calling hate speech directed at the LGBT or whatever the hell they call them now, here after known as those confused homo's.  The confused homo's apparently have a problem with a teacher who posts her religious beliefs on her own facebook page.  What had this teacher so upset that she had to post something on her FB page, well the school had posted a bulletin board in the lobby that depicted Confused homo month...ok, I made that up, but still.  So the teacher who is quite understandably upset takes to facebook to say that public schools are the wrong place for this kind of discussion to take place.  Are we as a society to the point where we start persecuting teachers who are Christians and espouse the beliefs and tenets of their religion.  On a more positive note...the ACLU has stepped in to defend the teachers right to the first amendment.  Ok, I never saw this coming...the ACLU is defending the White Christian Woman against the Confused homo's...ok, that was really funny!

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Occupy Wall Street or Socialism's remake of 90's classic "Clueless"

It's taken me some time to really formulate my opinions on the Occupy Wall Street groups here after known as OWS, or as I like to think of them, Out of this World Stupid.  The OWS crowd seems to have a collective mish mash of goals, ranging from socially progressive to just plain stupid.  A lack of a coherent message or even a structure will ultimately be this group's downfall, never mind the idiocy of their practice.  A great many news commentators on CNN, MSNBC or various other liberal news organizations have compared the OWS crowd to the Tea Party, well I've got news for them, as a Tea Party Conservative I would never allow someone at a rally to have sex in public, smoke marijuana, fight a policeman, run naked, or otherwise act like an idiot.  It's these behaviors that detract from the message.  Now don't get me wrong, I couldn't disagree with their message more strongly, but I do believe in their right to protest.  Now back to the Tea Party comparison, the Tea Party has never, to my knowledge, gathered in a place to protest where they didn't first gain the necessary permission and permits.  Also when the Tea Party protests are held they clean up after themselves and certainly never urinate or defecate on the ground.  We don't erect tent cities in public parks and we almost certainly don't espouse hatred.  As far as I know there have never been wide spread arrests at a Tea Party rally, even though some democrats would like to lock us all up, and it has never been necessary for police in riot gear to surround us and push us out of an area where we would be openly violating the law.

Now as far as the OWS messages, the premise behind their protest is standing up for the 99% against the 1% or some variation there of.  They are against capitalism and support a socialist agenda although some of them admittedly don't really know what capitalism is.  I find it amusing that they are actively seeking out donations because they don't wish to engage in capitalism, however I wonder if they've ever considered that were it not for capitalism there would be no donations for them to receive.  It is rather hard to donate to a cause without first engaging in some means of acquiring the goods to be donated by commerce.  It is possible to assume that the donated goods could be manufactured by hand, however that would require producing the necessary raw materials since without capitalism it would be impossible to purchase them.  Then there's the OWS's desire to eliminate banks well without banks how would they get the monetary donations they are frequently requesting.  Of course there's also technology, it's hard not to notice the IPhone, blackberry's, laptop computers and various other devices you see at a OWS rally, not to mention the wireless Internet and phone service they depend on to get on Social networking sites like Facebook, those are all products of a capitalist society.  I think by now many of you will start to get the point, that while OWS has all these strongly held beliefs, well they seem to ignore them in the interest of self preservation.

I've had trouble ignoring the stories being shown on the news networks, one that comes to mind is a 20 something african-american male who was on his knees in front of a bank screaming that the bank had taken his parents home.  He claimed how his parents had worked hard and had college degrees but were unemployed and lost their home to this evil bank.  Now this kid ended up being arrested for impeding traffic and resisting arrest.  However with some investigation discovered that this kids story was slightly flawed.  His parents had in fact lost their suburban home, not to the bank but to the people they sold it to.  Why did they sell it?  Oh, they sold it because the suburban neighborhood they had lived in for many years had become a little too conservative for them and they wanted to move somewhere more liberal where they felt comfortable.  Not only that but the parents were not unemployed, they were quite gainfully employed and between them had multiple graduate degrees, they were quite shocked to learn that their son had been arrested and saw his antics on TV and wondered why he wasn't at George Washington University Law School where he was a student, they had been paying his tuition.  This is just one example albeit a well televised one that shows the hypocrisy and even out right lies employed to try to affect social change in the name of progressives.

There is also the unavoidable relationship between these OWS protesters and communist and socialist groups with wide ranging agendas.  Politicians on the left have jumped at the chance to align themselves with this group of protesters but in doing so may have made a slight miscalculation, just because this group reports that it is protesting in the name of the 99%, I wonder just how many of the 99% want to be associated with them or have their elected officials associated with them.  I could be wrong but just maybe, there are a lot of Americans who will have a serious issue with their elected representatives supporting a bunch of pot smoking hippies who don't care about common decency or basic sanitation.

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Bitten by your own work

I was reading a story today about an activist in New Orleans who was shot in the head while sitting at a stop light.  This activist has thus far recovered and will live but he's lost his vision, I submit that he lost his vision a long time before the bullet entered his head.  It's difficult to keep from opening your eyes and seeing whats going on in the world we live in, each day "activists" are fighting for some progressive cause that they feel is an abomination of our country and the freedoms we enjoy.  Gay rights, rights of illegal immigrants...pick a topic.  What about the rights of each and every citizen of this country?  What happened to our rights?  It's easy to ignore and get caught up in discussing both sides of an argument like illegal immigration, but is illegal immigration in itself the root of the very problems this country faces?  Most of you will be shocked by my answer but I submit that the answer is no, illegal immigration by itself is not a problem. The problem is that our own citizens that feel like the rights of others who are non-citizens should somehow be more sacred than our own, hence Progressive.  Progressive, what a word, it sounds so great and wonderful, however in the terms of our political climate progressive is the very destruction of the fabric of our society.  I challenge each and every person who reads this to find just one progressive idea that has somehow made this country better.  It's a simple assignment, all you have to find is one.  However, thanks to Glenn Beck, I can show you how Progressives have managed to create the 10 most impoverished major metropolitan cities in the United States.  The next time you turn on the TV and start getting upset over some hot-button political issue, some issue where progressives are seeking to destroy some fabric of our society by inserting their beliefs on all of us, is it the topic your angry about or the activist fighting for it thats the real problem?