Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Sometimes you just have to bang your head against the wall...

So I'm getting back on my soap box a little earlier than planned but sometimes something just grabs you and you go WTF.  In Union Township New Jersey a teacher is under fire for espousing what some are calling hate speech directed at the LGBT or whatever the hell they call them now, here after known as those confused homo's.  The confused homo's apparently have a problem with a teacher who posts her religious beliefs on her own facebook page.  What had this teacher so upset that she had to post something on her FB page, well the school had posted a bulletin board in the lobby that depicted Confused homo month...ok, I made that up, but still.  So the teacher who is quite understandably upset takes to facebook to say that public schools are the wrong place for this kind of discussion to take place.  Are we as a society to the point where we start persecuting teachers who are Christians and espouse the beliefs and tenets of their religion.  On a more positive note...the ACLU has stepped in to defend the teachers right to the first amendment.  Ok, I never saw this coming...the ACLU is defending the White Christian Woman against the Confused homo's...ok, that was really funny!

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